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[Unturned] Unturned Central PVP Update 0.0.2a

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swatranger    140


Official Changelog

Hello Community Players,
An Update for Unturned Central was deployed by the Network Development Team. Below are all the changes made.

You can also purchase donator packages at http://unturnedcentral.tebex.io/ and enjoy exclusive content.
Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:27015


  • Added Commands & Systems & Other:
    • Other
      • Added Kit Sniper3.
      • Added Kit Striker1.
      • Added Kit Hunter1.
      • Rebalanced Kit Sniper1.
        • Changed Kit Duration to 2 Hour(s).
        • Reduced Kit Ammo to 40 Round(s).
      • Rebalanced Kit Starter2.
        • Changed Kit Cost to 200 C-Bucks.
        • Added Pistol To the Kit.
      • Rebalanced Kit Stater3.
        • Changed Kit Cost to 500 C-Bucks.
      • No Losing Experience when you die.

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