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[Unturned] Unturned Central PVP Update 0.0.1

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swatranger    139

Hello Community Players,

I'm glad to announce the release of Unturned PVP Server for Unturned Central Network. It's our first and not only addition to the Central Gaming Network and further unturned servers like Unturnov, Roleplay and, PVE Servers are soon to be launched as well. Voting is enabled on each network server and this one has no exception. You can vote on https://unturned-servers.net/server/231978/ and receive awards every day.

You can also purchase donator packages at http://unturnedcentral.tebex.io/ and enjoy exclusive content.

Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:27015


  • Added Commands & Systems & Other:
    • Systems
      • Added Network Server Logo.
      • Added Network Server Description.
      • Added Central Gaming Network Donation System.
      • Added Announcements Plugin.
      • Added Vault Plugin.
      • Added Discord Hook Plugin.
      • Added Anti-Combat Plugin.
      • Added Warps Plugin.
      • Added Kits Plugin
      • Added Voting Plugin.
      • Added Duty Plugin.
      • Removed Jobs Plugin.
    • Localisation
      • Added Infussiction Permissions Localisation.
      • Added Localisation to Essentials.
    • Rank System
      • Added Group Default.
      • Added Group Helper.
      • Added Group Donator.
      • Added Group Administrator.
    • Other
      • Added Kit Starter.
      • Added Kit Farmer.
      • Added Kit Bandit1.
      • Added Kit Bandit2.
      • Added Kit Soilder1
      • Added Kit Soldier2.
      • Added Kit Sniper.
      • Added Kit Arctic.
      • Added Kit Oxy.

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