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[Minecraft] Prison Tech Update 0.02

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swatranger    136


Hello Community Players,

Time has come for a major update. After a week of hard work and development. I'm Proud to announce Update 0.02 For PrisonTech. We have also got a new domain pointer. Connect using the new IP below.

Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388


  • Prison Blocks:
    • Added Prison Block C-II.
    • Added Prison Block $$.
    • Added Prison Block $$$.
    • Modified Prison Block D
      • Added D Block Prison Mine.
      • Added D Block Prison LogMine.
      • Added D Block Quest Area.
      • Added D Block Mail Area.
      • Added D Block PVP Area
      • Added D Block Dealer Area.
      • Added D Block Dealer Area.
    • Modified Prison Block C
      • Added C Block Parkour Area.
      • Added C Block Quest Area.
      • Added C Block Mob Farm.
    • Modified Prison Block C-II
      • Modified C-I Block Mine.
      • Removed C-I Block Enchantment Table.
      • Modified C-I Log Mine Region. Allowing Accessing Furnaces.
    • Modified Prison Block B.
      • Modified B Block Furnace Zone.
    • Modified Prison Block A.
      • Modified A Block Furnace Zone.
  • Shops:
    • Added All Prison Butcher.
    • Added D Block Dealer.
    • Added C Block Necromancer.
  • Levels:
    • Added Rankup Zone.
    • Added Black Market Store.
    • Modified Spawn Stores
      • Modified Style of Each Store.
      • Modified Style of NPC to Villagers.
  • Commands & Systems & Other:
    • Systems
      • Added Player Sign Shop.
      • Added Voting System. /Vote.
      • Added Contributor Tokens System.
      • Added Clear Lag System.
      • Added Chat Announcements.
      • Added Chat Management System.
      • Added Combat Restrictions System.
    • Localisation
      • Modified Localastions for Shops.
      • Modified Locations for PrisonMines.
      • Modified Locations for Contributor Tokens.
      • Modified Locations for Crates.
    • Quests
      • Added D Block Dealer Quest.
      • Added C Block Necromancer Quest.
      • Added D Block Quests.
      • Added C Block Quests.
      • Added B Block Quests.
    • Crates
      • Added Rankup Crates.
      • Added $5,000 Token Key.
      • Added $10,000 Token Key.
      • Added $15,000 Token Key.
      • Added $25,000 Token Key.
    • Rank System
      • Added Helper Role
      • Added Moderator Role
      • Added Administrator Role
      • Added Prison Rank H.
      • Added Prison Rank G.
      • Added Prison Rank F.
      • Added Prison Rank E.
      • Modified Rankup to C. Costing $45,000.
      • Modified Rankup to B. Costing $200,000.
      • Modified Rankup to C. Costing $400,000.
      • Modified Rankup to H. Costing $600,000.
      • Modified Rankup to G. Costing $800,000.
      • Modified Rankup to F. Costing $1,000,000.
      • Modified Rankup to E. Costing $1,200,000.
    • Other
      • Modified Rent Cells in Block B to $3500.
      • Modified Rent Cells in Block A to $4500.

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