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[FiveM] FiveRP 2.0

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swatranger    136

Hello, Roleplayers,
I would like to introduce you to FiveRP 2.0 Public. Our Community Development Team (Only Ranger) have finished the Beta Project and we can't wait to show it to you! Our Community Development Team is ready for the last tests to commence shortly and provide the best roleplay for the network's best roleplayers.

We will also be creating a sophisticated Wikipedia for the Network with all information on all the in-game mechanics.

Here is the Developers Insight:

ViSa Connect
Some of our Alpha Tester might remember our Trial run of ViSa Connect and have provided feedback. The Community Development Team have considered the feedback and made changes to the system to suit our community needs. You should see more information about our Verification Levels & System Shortly.

Server Town Mayor's
Town Mayor's are appointed by the Community and serve as the Gamemaster of one particular server town. They will be responsible for upgrading the town's infrastructure and ensuring that production is upstream as well as legalising and delegating legislation and appointing Judge's to the Town's Courts.

Server Donation System
Our FiveM Network Donation System will be based on a subscription Called Premium on Patreon. Donators are able to currently select a 30 Day Premium Membership and receive outlined bonuses on our patreon https://www.patreon.com/join/fiverp

Server Towns
Each Server Town is dynamically growing and developing. Each player has an influence and can contribute to its expansion. Resources run out and need to be restocked by players. Players will be able to construct shops, purchase shops and stock and value their own item prices. A Server Store (Premium Store) will also be available at the Mayor's Office with supplies for urgent use.

Each Server Town will have a set of jobs unlocked at Tier 1 As well as Members verified with a ViSa & Premium will have access to Tier 3 Jobs. An Elected Mayor of each town is able to unlock further infrastructure which allows players to obtain future resources for the economy and support the progression of the town by accessing higher tier jobs.

As the Development of FiveRP 2.0 Progresses more Job packs will be available.

Map Activities
Skydiving, Treasure Hunting, Racing, Ammunition Shops, Vehicle Shops, Item Shops, Clothing Shops, Mayor's Office, Mechanic Site, Impound Site, Garages, Job-Related, Drug Fields, Apartments, Fuel Stations, Hospital, Fire Station, Police Station, Bus Stops, Prison and, more to come.






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