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Central Gaming Rules & Guidelines

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Regulations & Guidelines

Last updated: 17/04/2019 by Ranger

The Community Guidelines & Regulations are subject to change as the community is still in development/testing and it will change as the server progresses to make sure that they are followed please read and understand them, make sure to come back and check up on the rules now and then to make sure you don't get warned/banned for not knowing the rules. Every time they are updated we will make an announcement in Discord. 

Please be aware this community is still in the early stages. Please message a member of the Community Administration Team if you want to discuss rule changes.

Community Rules (1.#)
1.0 Respect
Game User(s) are to show respect on the Community Forums (forums.centralgamingv.com) & All Live Public Servers.

1.1 Harassment
Acting in a toxic, discriminatory, racist, inappropriate, offensive or spiteful manner may result in a permanent ban. Phrases such as "comp or ban/report" also fall under this rule. If you face somebody breaking rules in-game, you are not to retaliate by breaking rules or acting in a rude manner to get them to stop.

1.2 Continuous Messaging "Spam"
User(s) are forbidden from sending continuous messages in a duration of a short span of time on any Central South* Assets.

1.3 Selling Materials and/or Services
User(s) are forbidden from selling materials and or services on any Central South* Assets.

1.5 Advertisement
User(s) are forbidden from marketing, broadcasting and or advertising assets that are not owned by Central South* on any Central South* Assets.

1.6 Forum Profiles
User(s) need to ensure that their profiles do not contain Offensive Materials: Nudity, Racism, Vulgar Language.

1.7 Forum Avatars
lUser(s) profiles may not contain avatars which contain: Flashing Colors, Nudity, Racism, WW1 & WW2 Remarks.

1.7 Age Requirements
Age requirement is 16 on the white-listed server on public everyone is welcome, We are keeping a non-toxic environment and we are looking for mature people. We will have zero tolerance to people breaking RP because someone can't do something etc if a cop is misbehaving or someone else you wait for RP to be over you remembers what happened you contact Admin because you breaking RP can look bad from other people looking at the situation or taking part.

1.8 Ban Evasion
If you are banned on an account the ban applies to you as a person, which means that you can't use another account to evade the original ban. Anyone caught ban evading or helping others to evade bans will be subject to a permanent ban on all accounts used. If you suspect somebody is ban evading, report them through our report section on the forums.

1.9 Falsifying a/or Exgrdating Compensation Requests
User(s) are not allowed to fill out Compensation Requests and or take advantage of Compensation Requests to obtain the money that the user(s) previously did not have.

Files Modification Server Rules (2.#)
2.0 Exploitation
User(s) are not allowed to exploit, gain an advantage by using bug or glitches, game system, rates,
hitboxes, speed or level design by a user to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers on any Live Public Game Servers.

2.2 Hacking, Malicious Software
A | User(s) are forbidden to use and or install using software generated trainers, hardware and or exploits (Reference 1.0) on any Live Public Game Servers & Games. You will be banned from both the Game & Our Servers.

B | Users(s) are forbidden from uploading and or distributing software generate trainers, hardware, or malicious software that can cause harm to user(s), Central South* System(s), Central South Site(s) and on any Central South* Assets.

Public Server Rules (3.#)
3.1 Trolling
Trolling in any way is not allowed. You are allowed to have fun while participating on our servers but if your fun negatively affects others then you can be subjected to punishment.

3.2 Excessive Use of VOIP
You must not abuse your in-game microphone to annoy others. Playing music or shouting can ruin others’ role play experiences and is not allowed.

3.3 English VOIP
You are required to speak English fluently in order to be able to role-play with each other effectively.

Role-Play Server Rules (3.#) - This is still being added.
3.1 Character
Stay in character at all times. If there is a problem, role-play the scenario out and then report it on discord or forums.

3.2 Other Rules
Metagaming, Powergaming, and RDM are not allowed. These are offenses we won't take lightly upon.



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