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  1. prison

    so for the prison thingy i suggest u make instead of a giant boox you have liek am mineshaft with ores in the walls like a cave n' STUFF
  2. My idea thingy

    You could have a wave defence and with the wave defence instead of it just being the normal wave defense games you see in like any other serves mabey have actual terrian that you have to fight off and every 10 roudns there can be a boss and everybody has to fight it. There could be different types like electric skeloton or fire zombie For the prsion server you could do a little menue with enchantments like exploding X or somthing where when you mien a block it has the chance to explode and you get more blocks from the explosion. Some other enchants could be: circle (destroys a circle of blocks and it gets bigger as you upgrade it more) effeiency and unbreaking (can be upgraded infinite times) have random creepers spawn around you (that dont hurt you and have a bigger explosion the most you upgrade it) money multiplier (can be upgraded infinite time but is hard to get) speed (can be toggled on or off can be upgraded 10 times) automatic money machines (earn money every second and will work when offline) exploding bows (buy arrows trhat explode bigger as you upgrade) events (the community has to destroy a certain amount of blocks in any given time to get a reward)