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  4. Beta Testers SignUP

    Name: Burns L.Discord w/ #: LtBurns#1049Are you Already a Beta Tester: No.Why do you want to be a Beta Tester: Because I'm already a Community Helper and I'd love to help out more by finding issues, errors, unbalanced items, and exploits.What Game do you want to test on: Arma3, FiveM, Minecraft, Unturned
  5. Helper Applications

    Name: L. BurnsAge: 17Date of birth: 05/14/2001Previous Experience: I have been in so many other servers before Central Gaming that I cannot remember them all, however, I'll list those that I've held Staff positions in; Administrator (Florida Law Enforcement), Helper (San Andreas Cops Roleplay), Moderator (New Jersey State Roleplay), Owner (San Andreas State Roleplay), Head Admin (Five Life), Civilian Director (Texas Harris County Roleplay).Why Would you be suitable for this position: For starters, my strengths include, but are not limited to, dedicating myself to the rules and regulations of CGC, working individually, as well as with groups, being highly motivated and willing to educate myself in all settings. I am interested in this position due to the fact that I am hard working, experienced in many staff/administration positions, highly skilled and have the motivation to sacrifice myself in any ways. I have been playing Five M for approximately 3 years, indicating that I am skilled, motivated, experienced, established and unwavering. I will work diligently and will not cease until I master and am fully educated in any and all tasks and goals I place for myself within the division. I am confident that I would be a great candidate for this position with my knowledge and strengths and will be a great asset in this capacity.
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