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  1. Sitting here on a fine weekend, missing the good old days of FiveM patrols in Central gaming back in 2018..

  2. 10-codes

    Change/update 10-codes, change to DOJ/ California Codes. A lot of communities use these codes and it makes it so much easier, and with a little study and read over it'll be memorised quickly.
  3. Helper Applications

    Your Application is Denied.
  4. Helper Applications

    Your Application is Approved. Please come for a interview on our TeamSpeak3 for a interview.
  5. CAD/MDT / 10-codes

    update 10 codes as there is no vehicle or foot pursuit codes. and within the cad, an automatic location for officer when panic button hit. And a postal code map so if an officer gives only streets they can easily put a postal in cad on call.