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  1. Beta Testers SignUP

    Name: AndrewH649Discord w/ #: AndrewH649#0649Are you Already a Beta Tester: NopeWhy do you want to be a Beta Tester@ I would like to become a beta tester because I am good and developing and I feel i can bring a lot of ideas to the sever. I have been a beta tester before on other servers and games and would really like the Opportunity to help improve the server to give everyone a incarnated and better role playing expreance What Game do you want to test on: FiveM.
  2. Helper Applications

    Name: Andrew H.Age: 22Date of birth: 04/15/1996Previous Experience: I have been in the community for a while and know a lot about the community and the rules and regulations I am currently a corpral and a divisional leader who run cid. I know about the different departments and what they do i also am good at helping people with trouble shooting problems and giving them information. I have past expreance in other servers as a helper i was a helper for a month then i left it to join CGC. My strong points are ki am good at working as a team i am also good at problem solving and getting things done on time and making them look Professional I Am good at commuitcating with my team to solve problems.
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