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  1. Helper Applications

    Name: Mert S.Age: 16Date of birth: 31/01/2002Previous Experience: Been head of department for OCC here in the past and other departments elsewhere so I know many rules and policies and I have and still am tech support and lead developer in mutiple places and have sucessfully setup development and tech support teams so my technical knowledge and assistance skills are top-notch and I am regularly active and my DMs are always open I still do tech support for CGC members on a regular basis varying for TS to FiveM siren installation down to commands and etc on our server.Why Would you be suitable for this position: I am an excellent candidate based on my qualities and my overall technical knowledge as well as great people record and the positions I've held in the community overall. Not to mention people always come to me half the time to technical assisstance as well as questions on rules and server commands purley based on my repuation for being quite knowledgeable on dozens of matters.
  2. Beta Testers SignUP

    Name: Mert S.Discord w/ #: workedsole#2647Are you Already a Beta Tester: NopeWhy do you want to be a Beta Tester@ because I'm a great developer and have beta tested for video games in the past and took part in pre-alphas and early access releasesWhat Game do you want to test on: FiveM
  3. ASP Baton

    Yes Sir I do https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/asp-baton
  4. ASP Baton

    ASP police baton for in-game
  5. View File Radio FX for Teamspeak 1.0.0 & Above This allows you to make everyone sound like a police radio to make LEO experience a lot better, hope you enjoy! !NOT MADE BY ME! Submitter workedsole Submitted 10/16/2018 Category Grand Theft Auto