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  1. Hello Community Players, Small and short removal of the festive season. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: Added Levels: Removed Christmas Assets & Decorations. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Quests Removed Christmas Quests.
  2. Hello Community Players, Latest Rust Update with New Turrets is live. Force Wiped All Servers. Server Address: Changelog: System Balance: Adjusted Furnace Smelt Time. Adjusted Arrow Stack Size to 64. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Added Newest Rust Update. Added Workbenches.
  3. Rust is here!

    Hello Community Players! The Central Gaming Network officially launches its Rust Central Network - Rustome on the 6th February 2020 at 00:23 GMT+0 to celebrate 8 years of CGN! Server Wipes In order for the Rust Central Network to run efficiently and provide the best performance to rust players, all Rust Central Network servers will have server wipes conducted regularly. Our current plan is to conduct map wipes bi-weekly on Thursday 20:00 GMT+0 and blueprint wipes on Thursday 20:20 GMT+0. Further details will be posted on the forums shortly about server wipes across all survival-based networks here at Central Gaming Network. How to Connect In order to connect to the server, you will need to go to the main menu of rust and press Function 1 (F1) on your keyboard. Doing so will provide you with a console in which you can type a variety of commands. In order to connect you will need to input client.connect followed by the IP. As seen below: client.connect then press enter. If you have any issues in entering the Rust Central Network please check if the server is online and if connectivity errors still persist don't hesitate to join our discord discord.gg/HGsu8Pq and head to support-section for assistance.
  4. Rust is here!

    What Do you think? Post your ideas and or suggestions here!
  5. [Rust] Rust Central Update 0.01

    Hello Community Players, I'm delighted to bring you one of the first updates on the release of a Canadian Survival Server for rust. The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health, or risk dying. Server Address: Changelog: Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Added CGN Anti Cheat Systems. Added Blueprint System. Added User HUD. Added User Interface. Added User Menu. Added Group System w/ Prefixes. Added Auto On/Off Lights and Lanterns in the Night/Day Added Command /report Added Kill Notifications via chat. Changed Server Gather Rate from 5x to 2x. Kits Added Kit Builder 1x Sleeping Bag, 1x Hammer, 1x Building Plan, 2,000 Wood.
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  8. Hello Community Players, Update 0.6 brings a few localisation changes as well as new additions including virtual chests, gadgets for the prison tech server as well as the gambling feature. Rankup, Prison and Quests crates will be rebalanced in the future. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: Added Shops: Gambler Added Lottery #1. Server Store. Removed C-I Block Access. Removed C-II Block Access. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Modified Kits Cooldown to be 24 hours. Fixed D-Maze PVP Regioning. Fixed D-Block-Mine-02 PVP Regioning. Fixed D-Block-Mine-02 Mine Regioning. Fixed Mine Bombs from damaging players. Localisation Modified $5,000 Token string. Modified $10,000 Token string. Modified $15,000 Token string. Modified $25,000 Token string. Modified Techno Pickaxe Description. Modified Picky Pickaxe Description. Fixed String for kits. All Kits show enchantments. Crates Added Festive Crates Added Pickaxe Crates. Added Lottery Token. Added Premium Token. Added Kit Tokens. Added Shop Tokens.
  9. Round 5 Staff Applications

    yay! staff applications are back up.
  10. Hello Community Players, Our Prison Tech Update 0.05 brings a vast array of new features including the new addition of gambling, colourations and the bungeecord network with better performance and less latency. If you find any bugs, errors, glitches or have any suggestions post them for our Community Development to review. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: System Balance: Fixed A-Block mine percentages. Added Shops: Added Gambler Store. Added Christmas Store. Added Mystic Store. Added A Prison Store. Added Levels: Added barriers at spawn. Added D Block Disposal Signs. Added D Block Enderchests. Added Tutorial at Black Market. Added Christmas Decorations. Added a portal to return from Crates Lobby. Modified Christmas Parkour. Unlocked Secret Shops for D & C-Block. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Added Bungeecord Network. Added throwable TNT. Added festive snow effect. Added Discord System. Added Inventory & Essentials Database Saving. Added extra administrative permissions. Added extra user permissions. Added Quest Points System. /Quests Points Modified tab list to show Donators in orange. Modified tab list to show Guards in yellow. Fixed Voting plugin. Fixed issue with Chest Shop. Fixed World Guard issue at C-II. Localisation Added Essentials string. Modified Chat Control string. Quests Added Christmas Festive quests. Added 6 D-Block Daily Quests. Added 2 C-Block Rankup Quests. Added 1 C-Block Daily Quests. Added 1 B-Block Rankup Quest. Crates Added Gambling Crate Tier 1 25%. Other Fixed D-Block Cell regioning. (Thanks to @ZackeryS) Fixed C-Block Cell regioning. (Thanks to @ZackeryS) Fixed C-II Block regioning. Fixed A-Block PVP areas regioning.
  11. Waiting for Donator Access

    Hello Community Donators, Our System is manually designed for donations and donation store, as a result, please wait up to two day(s) to receive your donation package and or item. If you have donated for a specific package. A post with your name will be automatically added. If you did not get a post and believe it's an error please contact our staff via the discord. What Do you think? Post your ideas and or suggestions here!
  12. Helper Applications Last updated 06/07/2019 Hello Community Members, Applications are now open! The applications are open year-round and we will be taking in few helpers whenever there is the need for more. As there will be a lot of applicants it will take some time to go through them all so please show patience whilst your application is being reviewed. What are Helpers exactly? Helpers are normal players who volunteer their time to help other players with any questions or queries they may have. The community is massive and the staff team simply can't help everyone alone, this is where Helpers come in, Helpers talk to people and answer any questions people may have, Helpers are able to support members and have a good knowledge of the rules, they are usually the first who are approached by players looking for support. Sometimes a Helper would not be able to sort things out themselves and this is when they would contact a staff member who would be able to take things over. What we expect from Helpers Being a helper isn't for everybody, you will have to be available on Teamspeak, Discord as well as in-game to answer any questions that people may have. On Discord, you will need to be reasonably active within all channels. You will be expected to actually put a bit of time and effort into the role of a Helper as other people would like to have your space, you are expected to be professional while you are on duty as you are representing the community due to Helpers being the front line of help. Requirements to be a Helper You must have played on the server for at least one months. You must be active in-game as well as on Discord. You must know all of the server rules. You must not have been banned for the following reasons: Abusive, Racism or Disrespecting Staff. Helper benefits Obviously, you will be putting a lot of work in and you may be asking what benefits you'll receive from being a helper. Well, first and foremost you will not be receiving any type of in-game benefits for being a helper and if you are only looking for those then you are not fit to become a helper. The perks are as follows: A Helper tag on Teamspeak. A Helper tag on the forums. A Helper tag on Discord. Extra/closer access to the staff members. A great opportunity to prove yourself if you were to later apply to Community Moderation Team or Community Administration Team. How to apply Simply reply to the post copying the application format and After some time you will get a message from one of the Head Helpers to notify you about your application. If you have been accepted then you are free to message one of the Head Helpers on Teamspeak/Discord to arrange a time for your Helper Interview, where you will be tested on common sense, community knowledge, and the rules. The Head Helpers are: Vacant V. Thanks for your interest in becoming a Helper and we are looking forward to your application.
  13. Hello Community Players, Santa is coming to a prison near you, Prison Tech. The Server has undergone a theme change and few minior issues been patched. We await your suggestions. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: Added Shops: Modified Prison C-II Store. Added Item Redstone. Removed Halloween Store. Added Levels: Added Christmas Theme. Added Christmas Decorations. (TooSquishy, TCJ4Zombies) Added Christmas Parkour. (TooSquishy, TCJ4Zombies) Removed Halloween Theme. Modified Spawn Stores. Hidden Christmas Store. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Fixed Rank up System. Localisation Modified Server Store String. Modified Season Store String. Quests Changed C Block Enchantment Quests to be Optional.
  14. Hello Community Players, Happy Halloween Inmates & Guards and welcome to the Halloween Festive Update. This brings a new themed prison style as well as many new quests and a gift for anyone to obtain. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: Added Shops: Added Server Store. Added Season Exchange. Added Season Store. Added Death Row. Added Halloween Store. All Prison Butcher. Modified Item Cake buy price to $128. Added Levels: Added Halloween Theme. Modified Prison Spawn. Added Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Added Guard Management. Quests Added Halloween Quests.
  15. Hello Community Members, Halloween is Fast Approaching and what better way to spend it than gaming in your favourite network? The Spooky Scary Staff at Halloween Central want to thank you for being part of the fast and growing community. From 29th October 2019 at 00:00 GMT+0 to 8th November 2019 at 00:00 GMT+0 you will be able to redeem your Halloween Gift for each of your favourite networks following the instructions below. Additionally, to celebrate Halloween and the new release of new networks all donator packages and mentioned products are on a 45% discount. Minecraft PrisonTech Want to redeem your gift for PrsionTech? Head Over to the Prisontech store by either hovering over Stores and selecting prison tech or by directly clicking on the link below (https://prisontech.buycraft.net). When you are on the store select the specials category and find the "Halloween Festive Gift" product, and click buy. you will then be prompted to the checkout page where you can claim the product for free. Package Contains: 1 Special Item 7 Prison Crate Keys 25 Contributor Tokens $5,000.00 CB Unturned Central Want to redeem your gift for Unturned Central? Head Over to the Unturned Central store by either hovering over Stores and selecting Unturned Central or by directly clicking on the link below (http://unturnedcentral.tebex.io). When you are on the store select the specials category and find the "Halloween Festive Gift" product, and click buy. you will then be prompted to the checkout page where you can claim the product for free. Package Contains: Halloween Festive Kit We hope you enjoy your Halloween on behalf of the Community Administration Team and Have fun on our Networks.
  16. What Do you think? Post your ideas and or suggestions here!
  17. Illegal Information

    This is a great idea and very much doable. We will look into it :-)
  18. Hello Community Players, Time has come for a major update. After a week of hard work and development. I'm Proud to announce Update 0.02 For PrisonTech. We have also got a new domain pointer. Connect using the new IP below. Server Address: play.centralgamingv.com:40388 Changelog: Prison Blocks: Added Prison Block C-II. Added Prison Block $$. Added Prison Block $$$. Modified Prison Block D Added D Block Prison Mine. Added D Block Prison LogMine. Added D Block Quest Area. Added D Block Mail Area. Added D Block PVP Area Added D Block Dealer Area. Added D Block Dealer Area. Modified Prison Block C Added C Block Parkour Area. Added C Block Quest Area. Added C Block Mob Farm. Modified Prison Block C-II Modified C-I Block Mine. Removed C-I Block Enchantment Table. Modified C-I Log Mine Region. Allowing Accessing Furnaces. Modified Prison Block B. Modified B Block Furnace Zone. Modified Prison Block A. Modified A Block Furnace Zone. Shops: Added All Prison Butcher. Added D Block Dealer. Added C Block Necromancer. Levels: Added Rankup Zone. Added Black Market Store. Modified Spawn Stores Modified Style of Each Store. Modified Style of NPC to Villagers. Commands & Systems & Other: Systems Added Player Sign Shop. Added Voting System. /Vote. Added Contributor Tokens System. Added Clear Lag System. Added Chat Announcements. Added Chat Management System. Added Combat Restrictions System. Localisation Modified Localastions for Shops. Modified Locations for PrisonMines. Modified Locations for Contributor Tokens. Modified Locations for Crates. Quests Added D Block Dealer Quest. Added C Block Necromancer Quest. Added D Block Quests. Added C Block Quests. Added B Block Quests. Crates Added Rankup Crates. Added $5,000 Token Key. Added $10,000 Token Key. Added $15,000 Token Key. Added $25,000 Token Key. Rank System Added Helper Role Added Moderator Role Added Administrator Role Added Prison Rank H. Added Prison Rank G. Added Prison Rank F. Added Prison Rank E. Modified Rankup to C. Costing $45,000. Modified Rankup to B. Costing $200,000. Modified Rankup to C. Costing $400,000. Modified Rankup to H. Costing $600,000. Modified Rankup to G. Costing $800,000. Modified Rankup to F. Costing $1,000,000. Modified Rankup to E. Costing $1,200,000. Other Modified Rent Cells in Block B to $3500. Modified Rent Cells in Block A to $4500.
  19. Dear Community Members, Since the launch of our New Network Servers, we have introduced Voting as part of our initiative for Rewarding Players for contributing towards the servers they play on. Voting on your Favorite server allows the game server to gain popularity and as a result, our Community Events Team will gift the top five players special abilities and rare items. Below are the Network Servers and its top five voters. Network Reference Code #MCPT01 | Name PrisonTech 1st Voter | Wizard_Snake 1 Day Premium Subscription 25 Contributor Tokens PrisonTech Buycraft $5.00 USD Discount 2nd Voter | Borko56 1 Day Premium Subscription 20 Contributor Tokens PrisonTech Buycraft $5.00 USD Discount 3rd Voter | Mikauhs 1 Day Premium Subscription 15 Contributor Tokens PrisonTech Buycraft $5.00 USD Discount Joint 3rd Voter | Vikings102 1 Day Premium Subscription 15 Contributor Tokens PrisonTech Buycraft $5.00 USD Discount 5th Voter | Sambowjudd 5 Contributor Tokens See you on the Servers, Community Events Team
  20. [August 2019] Top Voters

    What Do you think? Post your ideas and or suggestions here!
  21. [FiveM] FiveRP 2.0

  22. Hello, Roleplayers, I would like to introduce you to FiveRP 2.0 Public. Our Community Development Team (Only Ranger) have finished the Beta Project and we can't wait to show it to you! Our Community Development Team is ready for the last tests to commence shortly and provide the best roleplay for the network's best roleplayers. We will also be creating a sophisticated Wikipedia for the Network with all information on all the in-game mechanics. Here is the Developers Insight: ViSa Connect Some of our Alpha Tester might remember our Trial run of ViSa Connect and have provided feedback. The Community Development Team have considered the feedback and made changes to the system to suit our community needs. You should see more information about our Verification Levels & System Shortly. Server Town Mayor's Town Mayor's are appointed by the Community and serve as the Gamemaster of one particular server town. They will be responsible for upgrading the town's infrastructure and ensuring that production is upstream as well as legalising and delegating legislation and appointing Judge's to the Town's Courts. Server Donation System Our FiveM Network Donation System will be based on a subscription Called Premium on Patreon. Donators are able to currently select a 30 Day Premium Membership and receive outlined bonuses on our patreon https://www.patreon.com/join/fiverp Server Towns Each Server Town is dynamically growing and developing. Each player has an influence and can contribute to its expansion. Resources run out and need to be restocked by players. Players will be able to construct shops, purchase shops and stock and value their own item prices. A Server Store (Premium Store) will also be available at the Mayor's Office with supplies for urgent use. Jobs Each Server Town will have a set of jobs unlocked at Tier 1 As well as Members verified with a ViSa & Premium will have access to Tier 3 Jobs. An Elected Mayor of each town is able to unlock further infrastructure which allows players to obtain future resources for the economy and support the progression of the town by accessing higher tier jobs. As the Development of FiveRP 2.0 Progresses more Job packs will be available. Map Activities Skydiving, Treasure Hunting, Racing, Ammunition Shops, Vehicle Shops, Item Shops, Clothing Shops, Mayor's Office, Mechanic Site, Impound Site, Garages, Job-Related, Drug Fields, Apartments, Fuel Stations, Hospital, Fire Station, Police Station, Bus Stops, Prison and, more to come.
  23. PrisonTech Market Release

    What Do you think? Post your ideas and or suggestions here!
  24. The Player Market is fast approaching to the prison near you! Starting from Update 0.01 Our Community Development Team has finished the Player Market. The Market system will allow players to store items, build and sell/buy items from other players. There are no rules governing the use of the Market, therefore, you can use the Plot for all your desires. Player Verus Player is also disabled at all Market Zones and the Market Area. Each Player on PrisonTech is able to purchase one (1) Prison Cell and one (1) Plot available at warp /market. Depending on your taste there will be two types of plots available. Player Stall (4x4) that will cost $10,000 and Player Storage (9x6) costing $20,000. Commands Here are some useful commands to remember /chestshop create - Creates a shop. You need the item in hand and have your camera pointing at a usable chest. /chestshop remove - Removes a shop. You need to have your camera pointing at a shop defined chest. /as sell - Sell your Plot. /as addfriend [name] - Add a Player to your plot.
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